How To Increase Height Naturally By 8 Home Ways

For children who have a genetic predisposition to growth hormone deficiency, there may not be much they can do to increase their height. But for their parents, there are many ways of increasing a child’s height. And by incorporating some of these methods, you can discover how to increase your child’s height naturally.

10 Home ways to Increase Height

A child’s height is determined by the length from the ankles to the crotch. The taller the child, the greater their growth potential. An Early Height Awareness Experiment: In the late 1800s, Dr. Samuel Shuman of the Central Ohio Prosthetic Company did a series of tests to measure the growth of his children. He took his two daughters, one of which was 2 years older than the other, and measured their heights. He developed a chart that showed their height at different ages and compared their growth.

Make Good Food Choices

For a child to grow, they need to consume a healthy diet. And when parents eat a healthy diet, they may see their children grow faster as well. When you are consuming a healthy diet, you’ll want to avoid fast food, soft drinks, and most processed foods.

Get 8 Hours of Sleep

Sleep is critical for healthy growth. Sleep allows your body to repair itself, use up unnecessary calories, and grow.

Exercise Throughout the Day

Studies have shown that during certain periods of childhood, exercise may increase the growth of children. Exercise should be maintained throughout the day and not just during school hours.

Stay Away From Microwaves

Your child should avoid consuming anything that has been heated using a microwave oven. This includes hot soups, fruits, vegetables, and anything that has been microwaved.

3-Month-Long Diet Trial

During the 3-month period of a diet trial, you should limit your child’s intake of dairy, grains, and sugar. This will drastically reduce their intake of calcium and make the growth hormone they have more available to them.

Take Your Child to a Growth Expert

Most children have no understanding of their own growth or why they are not growing at the expected rate. They might be suffering from a growth hormone deficiency or disorders that affect their growth. If your child is not growing on a schedule that is normal for their age, it is important that you take them to a growth expert.

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